About The Designer

Arti Gogna designs from a place of passion, always inspired by the strong women around her.

Her career dates back to 2008 when she pursued fashion design at Lasalle College in Montreal. She wanted to create a label for the modern woman, full of style and personality; humble, yet confident. She wanted to help women feel beautiful, empowered and strong. She started creating dresses for herself and friends. Her designs blended timeless and bold silhouettes, but most importantly they brought confidence to women. It was the beginning of Arti Gogna the label.

From there, Arti went on to launch varied collections with her signature style. Starting with a line of cocktail dresses, she later expanded into bridal and custom pieces. Today, nothing makes her happier than seeing a woman light up the room in her designs. Her desire to evoke this feeling is what keeps her striving for more each season.

Through her work, as well as life, she values connection and offers an expression of style with every piece to allow women to feel connected to their inner selves. The Arti Gogna signature is unmistakable, with a soft meets strong approach to beauty, as Arti brings her artistic sense with every stitch to create pieces for the modern woman.

Arti Gogna is synonymous with empowerment and elegance, while every piece offers women the power and freedom to be whoever they want to be, to own the night and the day. An injection of personality is included in every design for pieces that promise to allow women to leave their mark.

Looking ahead, the label continues to grow through design, retail and innovation.

Arti gogna

Our Collection

Arti Gogna studied at Lasalle College in Montreal, QC to be a fashion designer back in 2009. Her ambition is to create comfortable and flattering pieces that make women feel incredible. Nothing makes her feel happier than seeing a woman light up in her designs. Her desire to evoke this feeling is what keeps her striving for more each season.

For the last 12 years, Arti Gogna has been making her mark on Canada. Proudly made in Montreal, make an appointment to view her entire collection in her showroom.

For the long distance admirer, her collection is available online.